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Terms & Conditions
Terms and Conditions – Family Accounts

  • Families can consist of up to 2 adults and 5 children. At a minimum, there must be 2 individuals in a Family Pooling account.
  • The Head of Household will manage all of the points in their Family Pooling account.
  • Any adult can start a Family Pooling account and be the Head of Household. You just have to be a Dreammiles member to get started.
  • An adult is anyone over the age of 17. A child is anyone between 2- 16 years old.
  • Members are not permitted to join multiple different Family Pooling accounts.
  • If you leave a family pooling account or the head of household removes you from the account, your Miles will remain in the family pooling account.
  • The contribution miles to the Family account will only start from the pooled date.
  • If you leave a Family Pool, you can’t rejoin that Pool or another one for at least a year.
  • Miles expire every two years if not redeemed/used. However an option to pay is available to extend them before the expiry date or re-instate the expired miles within 6 months from the expiry date. Click here for more information.

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