Cargo Information



We persistently strive to bring innovation and service excellence into our Rwandair Cargo product in order to meet our aim of offering consistently high standards of air cargo services through excellent customer service, global network connectivity and technology. Our opportunities in our Cargo division include roles in customer service, cargo operations, cargo network planning and product. Time limit for space booking (preflight): 24 hours for direct flight and 48 Hours for Transiting In order to be able export different cargo below is the full information needed All Rwandair payments must be deposited on RWANDAIR BANK ACCOUNT IN RWANDAN FRANCS 0004-0284277-03 AND IN DOLLAR 0004-0284278-04.

Types of Cargo

General Goods

General Cargo is the term used for shipments of durable goods that do not require special treatment. Within this category are shoes, textiles, and spare parts, among others. For loads that require special treatment, offers solutions according to your needs.

Requirements for Transporting General Cargo