Inflight Attendant

Job Title: Inflight Attendant
Reports to: Chief Flight Attendant
Department: Flight Operations
Location: Kigali

Job Purpose:

The primary function of a Flight Attendant is to fulfill the important role of a Safety Officer. Every Flight Attendant must know where every piece of safety equipment is stowed, how it is used and their individual duties and responsibilities. All drills and procedures are in accordance with the RCARs and approved by RCAA. They comply with the terms and conditions of the Company’s operating license when applicable and will be followed when appropriate. Has authority to make decisions that affect the safety and/or security of aircraft operations while in flight and advise the PIC when it happens. Has responsibility to ensure that operations in the cabin are delivered in accordance with applicable regulations and company standards. A Flight Attendant shall fill the Purser or Senior Cabin Crew position in the event that the Purser or Senior Cabin Crew becomes incapacitated or is otherwise unable to carry out assigned duties.

Duties and Responsibilities:

• To ensure all persons carried in the aircraft obey all lawful commands given by the PIC for the purpose of securing the safety of the aircraft and of persons and property carried there in;
• To ensure the safety of the passengers and the cabin is under the overall authority and responsibility of the PIC;
• To form the link between the passengers and the Flight Crew;
• To be responsible to the PIC for the conduct and co-ordination of Cabin safety and emergency Briefings and procedures specified in the Company operations Manual, and for their observance by the Flight Attendant and passengers;
• To provide on board quality services as determined by the company;
• To report hazards and safety concerns that occur during operations.


• Degree holder in Tourism, Hospitality or any other related field with Distinction level;
• Language proficiency;
• Experience in customer service environment desirable;
• Excellent communication skills in English and French;
• Aircraft systems proficiency;
• Specific aircraft type technical training;
• Emergency procedures;
• Dangerous goods and CRM training;
• First aid training relevant to in flight cases;
Minimum height:

a. 1.6 metres female;
b. 1.8 metres male

• Weight must be proportional to height
• Well groomed and pleasant personality
• Must be a Rwandan National

Successful candidates will be taken for initial in-flight cabin training to ensure that they meet the industry performance requirements for the job.

How to apply:

• An application letter addressed to General Manager -Human Resources;
• Recent and detailed curriculum vitae;
• Degree certificates;
• A photocopy of the national identity card;
• Two passport photos size;
• One full size photo;
• Age limit of 23 – 30 years old;
• Three current referees.

The deadline for submitting application documents is April 22, 2016 at 4:00 pm at the front desk of our head office located at Kigali International Airport ,Top Floor building.

Only Shortlisted candidates will be contacted.