RwandAir Hails First Rwandan Captain on CRJ NextGen      


RwandAir is proud to announce its first Rwandan Pilot on a CRJ Aircraft

Kigali International Airport, Kigali, 28th January 2014.

Kigali – Tuesday 28th January, 2014.

On Tuesday 28th January 2014, Rwandair management was proud to announce the first ever Rwandan Captain on a CRJ NextGen aircraft. Captain Jean Paul Muvinyi was released upon landing WB flight 401 from Nairobi at 11:45AM. Captain Muvunyi stepped off the aircraft after passengers had disembarked to find a sea of RwandAir staff led by Deputy CEO Jean Paul Nyirubutama, ready to commence the ceremony.

Captain Muvunyi was handed his four bars signifying his new rank as captain by his fellow colleagues Captain Marco the CRJ Fleet Manager and RwandAir Chief Pilot Marcel Gabou Tirefort. He was then handed his new jacket by the Deputy CEO which was followed by thunderous applause from the RwandAir staff gathered on the tarmac to witness the event. Captain Jean Paul Muvunyi started his aviation training in Nairobi Kenya CMC flying School followed by further training at Fort Worth Texas, and finally completed his training at Toronto Canada in Flight Safety Aviation. He is married to his beautiful wife Rose Muvunyi who is also a member of the RwandAir family and is currently serving as the Product and Services Manager. Together they have two beautiful children.

In his speech Captain Muvunyi stated “RwandAir has been so supportive through the trainings provided to me and I am very proud to be part of this growing family. We are succeeding in an Industry where many other nations have failed; I can only see a bright future for our airline.”

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Published on: November 23, 2019