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We’re launching Valentine’s giveaway by offering massive discounts across our network

Passengers can book their tickets and get up to 25% discounts off the price of their bookings.

General conditions relating to this promo are listed below.

  1. Discount level: Discount is off any available fare (Base Fare only) in the system.
  2. Sales period: Immediately   – 28 Feb. 2023
  3. Travel period: 01Feb.2023 – 10 Dec.2023
  4. Advance purchase restriction: Tickets must be issued at least 72hrs before departure
  5. Mode of sales: All modes of sale.
  6. No-show = $150 (Waived if cancelled at least 24hrs to flight).
  7. Date change/Reissue fee = $50 (fare difference shall apply).
  8. Refund before departure: Non-Refundable
  9. Refund after departure: Non-refundable.
  10. Reissue: No manual reissue on this promotion is permitted across all our network stations/offices. Use ATC reissue only and charge all fees displayed in the system.
  11. Discount code: Apply DISC0223 for the applicable discount.
  12. Blackout: N/A.
  13. Procedure: The passenger inserts the promo code in the website at the point of booking and the code discounts the current selling fare by the applicable fare on that route
  14. Discount code applies to base fare only. Taxes/Fees/Charges (TFCs) are not discountable.
  15. This promotion is not available for groups.