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v. Good Good Fair Bad v. Bad No Opinion
Website user-friendliness
Online seat booking/ online check-in
Airport check-in:waiting time/ efficiency
Flight boarding efficiency
Attitude/ response to calls when booking
Ease of getting information on RwandAir
v. Good Good Fair Bad v. Bad No Opinion
Seat Comfort
Cabin cleanliness/ Cabin condition
Cleanliness of washrooms
In-flight Magazine
Choice/ availability of food and beverages
General travel experience today
v. Good Good Fair Bad v. Bad No Opinion
Welcome and assistance boarding flight
Serving meals& beverages
Cabin Presence through the flight
Friendliness of service
Staff grooming/ uniform
v. Good Good Fair Bad v.Bad No Opinion
Friendly and Helpful
Attentive& within reach
Efficient& competent
Satisfied with the performance of the flight attendants
Attitude and professionalism
Personality and grooming
Attentiveness/ Efficiency in answering calls
Language Proficiency
Which of the following best describe your intentions to fly again with us
  • Definitely would fly
  • Might or might not fly
  • Probably would fly
  • Definitely would not fly
  • Probably would not fly
How did you know about RwandAir? Through...
  • Travel agent
  • RwandAir offices
  • Internet /online
  • Word of mouth
  • Radio
  • Newspaper
  • TV
What is the reason for your travel?
  • Business
  • Studies
  • Visiting Friend and family
  • Leisure
  • Others
How did you book for this flight with Rwandair?
  • Travel agent
  • RwandAir offices
  • online
  • Others
Do applies Not Applicable
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The Scheduled departure and arrival times of this RwandAir flight listed in the flight schedule meet my requirement
The frequency of RwandAir Flight connections of this route corresponds to my traveling requirements.
Rwandair and its cooperation partners offer a route network which corresponds
to my traveling requirements.
Based on today'travel experience with RwandAir, what could have been done to serve you better

v. Good Good Fair Bad v. Bad No Opinion
Overall,how Satisfied are you with the customer experience?
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