Directives to enter Qatar during the FIFA World Cup 2022 effective 01 November 2022      


The following categories have been identified to be able to enter Qatar during the World Cup period, which starts from 01 November 2022 at 00:01 until 23 December 2022:

  • Qatari citizens according to a passport or ID card.
  • Residents of the State of Qatar of all nationalities, whether Gulf nationals or other nationalities, hold diplomatic residency cards, and other nationalities hold permanent residency and ordinary residency.
  • Friendly military forces (American – British – French – Turkish – NATO forces) with the necessity of having a movement order.
  • Holders of electronic visas previously issued, provided that it is valid / with the necessity to ensure their validity.
  • New-born visa for those born outside the country to a father and a mother residing in the country provided that their residency is valid, and the mother is sponsored by the husband or an establishment, provided that the child is no more than 6 months old and holds a valid machine-readable child passport.
  • Air transit visa for the other flight crew for a period of (96) hours.
  • Fans and organizers of Hayya card holders, whether electronic, paper, or plastic, according to the travel document registered in Hayya card.
  • Agents must verify the validity of the Hayya entry permit, the expiry date, and whether it is for single or multiple entries, by scanning the electronic barcode on the entry permit. Please note that there is a Hayya card valid for a single entry of 24 hours (Agents MUST confirm that the 24 hours is satisfied by verifying the date of arrival and departure); other Hayya cards are open with multiple entries during the World Cup period.
  • Agents must also ensure that all the data recorded in the Hayya card conform exactly with the passenger’s travel document.
  • When there is any error in the data or the matter requires an amendment in the data, the Hayya cardholder must immediately apply for the amendment.  Passengers must NOT be accepted without obtaining approval.
  • Travel documents for refugees holders of Hayya cards are not accepted except for travel documents for refugees issued by the Republic of Syria – the Lebanese Republic – the Jordanian passport without a national number, and the passport number begins with the letter (T). All other travel documents are NOT accepted unless there is prior approval by communicating with the Airport Passports Department.
  • The pre-examination of the Coronavirus (PCR) or rapid antigen test) has been canceled for all arrivals to the country as of the 1st of November 2022.
  • Pre-registration in the Ehteraz platform is no longer required.

NOTE: visa on arrival, tourist, official, business, and air transit visas will be temporarily suspended during the world cup 2022 event, except for emergency cases, for which prior approval must be obtained from the Airport Passport Department, before accepting the passengers.