Spend Miles/Redeem      


The exciting thing about earning miles is that you can spend them. You can actually earn sufficient miles for an upgrade or an excess baggage right after one long distance trip with us.

Miles calcutor

This calculator provides details on how many miles you can earn on Rwandair route, or how many miles you need to redeem a ticket or excess luggage.
Please note that the number of miles shown in the calculator may differ from the miles quoted at the time of booking, depending on your itinerary, which will include carrier-imposed charges and government taxes.


Upgrade your ticket

Experience the next level of service and comfort after you have booked an eligible economy class (M class and above), by using your earned miles for an upgrade. See how many points you need to upgrade.
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Excess baggage

Use your miles on your next trip to carry so much more. You can pay for up to 40kgs excess baggage using miles.