Cabin Baggage Policy      


Each Passenger is allowed to carry one 22x15x8 inches [55x38x20 cm]bag not weighing more than 21 lbs [10kgs] to all destinations with the exception of Johannesburg where the authority restricts this to 15lbs [7kgs].

The above weight and size limitations shall be verified and confirmed by use of the WB baggage moulds/ sizers at check in areas. All baggage exceeding the unchecked baggage limits shall be checked-in.

Wheelchairs or other assistive device (a fully collapsible invalid’s wheelchair and/or a pair of crutches) provided that the passenger is dependent on them

When a baby carrycot is carried, lightweight articles such as bedding, diapers, feeding bottles and sufficient food for the journey may be carried free provided the total weight does not exceed 12 kilograms