Douala welcomes RwandAir’s inaugural flight

Douala welcomes RwandAir’s inaugural flight      


On April 27th 2014, RwandAir’s flight WB212 touched down at exactly 16:10pm as scheduled at the Douala International Airport and was greeted by the beautiful warm weather, while dozens of media reporters had lined up with their cameras to capture this historic event.

On board the Boeing 737-800NG, ordinarily the route is served with one of RwandAir’s new B737-700NextGen aircraft, was a delegation representing the Rwandan government, members of RwandAir management and business leaders seeking to establish ties with their Cameroonian counterparts to explore investment and trade opportunities, also on board were invited media representatives.

The much anticipated event was held at the Star Land Hotel in Bonapriso. With a simple yet very reassuring statement from the leader of the Rwandan National airline, ‘We are not the kind of airline which is here today and gone tomorrow, RwandAir is here to stay’ said RwandAir CEO John Mirenge, when he addressed the invited guests, comprising of government and business leaders including key staff from the Cameroonian Civil Aviation Authority, representatives of NGO’s and all the travel agency managers and owners doing business in Douala and other parts of Cameroon.

Mr John Mirenge officiated on behalf of the Rwandan government and the visible impact of the speeches and response by those in the room made it evident that the two countries indeed have developed strong ties. In the four weeks since the airline started its Douala route, RwandAir’s launch fares have swept the market by storm. Between speeches, the guests were entertained by the amazing Rwandan traditional dances troop, and the prizes RwandAir had brought along which included offering tickets to various destinations across their network, was a huge crowd pleaser.

RwandAir is well-known for appropriately connecting travellers through Kigali International Airport. Small in scale, the airline and airport are competent to deliver similar transfer and tailored services to Nairobi, Entebbe, Dar es Salaam, Dubai, Johannesburg, and many more. RwandAir projects to enlarge and reveal its new routes to Middle East, Asia and Europe.

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Published on: November 23, 2019